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Virtual Summer Camp 2022 (Pre-K/Kindergarten)

*The summer camp is based on different weekly themes. Explore the weekly themes below.

Week 1 - July 5 to 8 - Theme: Americana Week


Red, White and Blue all over its America week. Through hands-on learning wise owl campers will learn about Independence Day, the American flag, American sports, American food and even some famous Americans.



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Week 2 - July 11 to 15 - Theme: Deep Sea Diving - Ocean Week

Let ‘s dive deep into the ocean and see what we can discover . Through hands-on exploration wise owl campers will learn all about the deep blue sea. Campers will learn about the layers of the ocean, unique sea creatures, marine plant life, ways to protect the ocean , and much more about the world's greatest underwater world.


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Week 3 - July 18 to 22 - Theme: Beyond Planet Earth -Space Week

3,2,1, blast off with us on our journey to space! Through hands-on discovery wise owl campers will learn all about the great outer space. Campers will learn about the different solar systems, galaxies , stars , the sun and moon. Campers will also learn about the technology being used to explore space and much more!



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Week 4 - July 25 to 29 - Theme: Little Chef - Garden and food week

Bon appetit Wise Owls! Through hands-on exploration campers will learn about the five food groups with a focus on fruits and vegetables. Wise Owl campers will discover the importance of fruits and veggies ,how these foods are grown, how to grow them, and even how to make simple meals with the food they grow! Let’s get cooking little chefs.


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Week 5 - August 1 to 5 - Theme: Express yourself - Arts and Craft week 

It’s time to get creative wise owls. This week wise owl campers will learn all about creating art. Campers will cut, glue, paint, and build throughout the week. Students will explore different materials and freely create many different projects.


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Week 6 - August 8 to 12 - Theme: Around the world- Culture Week

Let's hop on the jet plane and take a trip around the world! Wise owl campers are headed around the world to explore different countries and cultures. Learn about different art forms, foods, clothes, and dance through hands-on discovery and experiences.


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Week 7 - August 15 to 19 - Theme: STEAM WEEK - Inventing and Creating 

Calling all wise owl engineers it’s STEAM week. Through loads of hands-on challenges wise owl campers will build and create various inventions. Campers will learn about different structures and how they work. Then get ready for your challenge of designing and testing your own creations.


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