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Group Classes!

*The classes are designed based on age and learning level to ensure that every child benefits most from each course. 

Public Speaking

Give your child a BOOST of confidence with our interactive group class to develop your child’s skills in public speaking 


Creative Writing

In this class students will explore their creative imagination using a variety of prompts.


Music & Tales 

"Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education" - Plato

In this course students will learn the basics of music theory through stories, games and songs Students will be able to listen to simple musical phrases and recognize them on a sheet music.
Students will work on their singing voice, feeling and tapping the beat, recognizing musical symbols.



French via songs

Music is one of the basic and playful tools we can use to learn a language. 

Students will work sight words and on French songs and nursery rhymes to improve their pronunciation and integrate the rhythms of the French language. They will then build simple sentences and use them in a basic French conversation. 



Reading (5 years & up)

Let’s go on a reading adventure ! In this class students will dive into a different book each week. Students will focus on reading comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary.


Phonics (up to 5 years)

Learning phonics is the first step to reading and communicating. This is for our little wise owls where the teacher will be introducing them to the world of sounds and linking it to symbols and letters. 


Social Emotional Learning (ages 7 to 10yr)

Get ready to work your social and emotional muscles in this interactive class! Students will get exposure to new vocabulary for describing feelings, needs, desires, dynamics with others, and skills for interacting with both themselves and their peers in a respectful way.


3-D Drawing


The students will learn how to how to shade and blend. They will be able to draw a 3-D realistic still life




Storytime with Yoga

Each week in this class students will explore yoga through a fun theme to focus on movement, strength, breathing, and mindfulness.